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            Campus Safety & Security provides a host of services, from security escorts to jump-starts for dead batteries.  More >>

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            We are committed to ensuring a safe campus for students, faculty and staff. Learn more about our compliance with the federal Clery Act and read our campus safety and security report.  More >>

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            Know when and where to park in order to avoid the dreaded parking ticket.  More >>

            Campus Safety & Security

            Main phone number: (231) 995-1111

            NMC Campus Safety & Security provides services 24 hours a day. We also work closely with local law enforcement and emergency responders that also serve NMC. We provide a wide range of services, including:

            • Emergency "blue light" phones throughout all of our campuses
            • Emergency alert text messages (Opt in through NMC Self-Service)
            • Education and prevention
            • Security escorts

            Campus Safety is everyone's business. We encourage you to contact甘肃快3开奖结果 with any questions or concerns. We also have two services that you can use to report information or suspicious activity:

            • Confidential tip line: (231) 995-1116

            Use this form to report suspicious, dangerous, illegal or threatening incidents involving NMC students or NMC facilities and campuses. If you have trouble adding a new incident or have more questions, please contact Lisa Thomas in Student Life at (231) 995-1118 or Marcus Bennett in Residence Life/Judicial Affairs at ( 231) 995-1401.

            Campus Security and Safety Report (Clery Report) (PDF) »

            Daily Crime Log »

            Minor Children on Campus policy »

            Procedure for Service and Comfort Animals »

            Campus Safety Video

            Contact us »

            Emergency Contact Information


            • Traverse City Police Department
              851 Woodmere Avenue
              Traverse City, MI 49686
              Central Dispatch - Non Emergency: (231) 922-4550
              Office: (231) 995-5150
              Crime tip or traffic concerns: TCPDTips@traversecitymi.gov
            • Traverse City Fire Department
              500 W. Front Street
              Traverse City, MI 49684
              Office: (231) 922-4930
            • Grand Traverse Co Sheriff's Office
              甘肃快3开奖结果Phone: (231) 995-5000
            • Munson Medical Center
              1105 Sixth St.
              Traverse City, MI 49684
              甘肃快3开奖结果Phone: (231) 935-5000

            Safety tips

            • For any emergency, call 911.
            • For non-emergencies, call Campus Safety 24 hours a day: (231) 995-1111.
            • Walk in pairs and well-lit areas when possible. Be aware of your surroundings.
            • Have your keys in hand before you reach your vehicle.
            • If you feel threatened, see suspicious behavior or are being followed, look for the blue light emergency phones.
            • Call Campus Safety anytime for an escort: (231) 995-1111.
            • Sign up to receive text messages about college closure and emergencies through NMC Emergency Alerts »

            Satellite Office

            A Safety & Security satellite office is located in the Enrollment 甘肃快3开奖结果 office on the main floor of the Tanis Building (#5 on the Main Campus Map). The office is open Monday, 8 a.m.–7 p.m., and Tuesday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. NMC ID cards and parking passes can be ordered here.

            Lost & Found items are held and can be turned in at the Facilities Building (#17 on the Main Campus Map). If you have lost an item or wish to report something found, please call (231) 995-1111.

            Clery Act

            This federal law requires colleges to provide timely warnings of crimes that represent a threat to the safety of students or employees and to make their campus security policies available to the public.

            Other Resources

            Counseling Center
            Dean for Student 甘肃快3开奖结果
            Disability 甘肃快3开奖结果
            Diversity 甘肃快3开奖结果
            East Hall
            Educational 甘肃快3开奖结果
            Emergency Alerts
            Enrollment 甘肃快3开奖结果
            Faculty & Staff Directory
            Financial Aid
            Health & Wellness 甘肃快3开奖结果
            Help Desk
            International Students
            Judicial Affairs
            Lost & Found
            North Hall
            Placement Test
            President's Office
            Public Transportation
            Radio Station
            Records & Registration
            Rogers Observatory
            Student Employment
            Student Government Association
            Student Handbook
            Student Life
            Student Newspaper
            Student Organizations
            Student Rights & Responsibilities Policy
            Student Success Center
            Transfer Advising
            Transfer Guides
            Tutoring 甘肃快3开奖结果
            University Center
            Veterans Affairs
            Welcome甘肃快3开奖结果 Center
            White Pine Press
            Writing Center