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            Aerial photo of Grand Traverse bay

            Great Lakes Water Studies Institute

            Located at the Great Lakes Campus on Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute (GLWSI) at Northwestern Michigan College is strategically positioned to engage individuals and organizations, both locally and globally, in advancing skills, knowledge and understanding of the world’s dynamic water resources.

            NMC Marine Technology students aboard the Northwestern research vesselMarine Technology

            An NMC Freshwater Studies student collecting water samplesFreshwater Studies

            What We Offer

            • Industry aligned professional development and training
            • Private harbor, research vessels, multiple marine platforms and sensors, freshwater and marine technology focused laboratories
            • Community Outreach and International Partnerships

            Contact us »

            Great Lakes Water Studies Events:

            Winter Water Quality Symposium

            NMC's Great Lakes Water Studies Institute and Freshwater Solutions, along the lake associations from Glen, Lime, Leelanau, Long, Elk/Skegemog, Three Lakes, Intermediate, Big Platte, Charlevoix, Walloon, and ZeroGravity LLC have contributed financial resources to host this FREE symposium focused on various water quality parameters, including the latest in swimmer's itch prevention, discovery of a new schistosome species host, snail-parasite distribution in Michigan, enteric bacteria testing, and promotion of qPCR within a community-based monitoring model. Seating is limited and pre-registration is required by February 9. RSVP to reimink@hope.edu.

            When & Where: Feb. 17, 甘肃快3开奖结果. 8 a.m.noon. Hagerty Center-NMC-715 E. Front St. Traverse City

            Water Policy Lectures

            Join NMC's Great Lakes Water Studies Institute for this lecture on Water Policy and Sustainability led by Adjunct Instructor Jim Olson, J.D. LL.M. on Tues. and Thurs., April 14 and 16, 11:20 a.m.-12:50 p.m., Great Lakes Campus, Rm. 112.

            In the first session learn about the effects of the Detroit Water Shutoffs affecting 40,000 甘肃快3开奖结果s and the Flint Water Crises affecting the entire city of Flint. (What is the public's right to a safe water supply?) The 2nd session features guest speaker Elizabeth Kirkwood, J.D., Executive Director of FLOW and a discussion on Enbridge's Line 5. Learn about the potential $2–5 billion in harm to hundreds of miles of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island, cities and tribal fishing. What is an acceptable risk, if any, to our Great Lakes? This course qualifies toward the Naturalist Certificate.

            See the links below for lectures by Jim Olson, all offered through NMC's Extended Education.

            Higher Education Today interview of Great Lakes Water Studies Institute Director Hans Van Sumeren and students and graduates of the program

            West Bay Monitoring buoy

            Animated GIF of video from the west bay monitoring buoy

            The Great Lakes Water Studies Institute has a solar-powered monitoring buoy in West Bay during the summer that provides seasonal, real-time data on wind speed and direction, air and water temperature, wave height and other information, including video of the bay.

            The buoy is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's , which designs, develops, operates and maintains a global network of data collecting buoys and coastal stations.

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